To register at our practice please fill out the registration form below. You can only register at our practice if you live near us. In case of an emergency we need to be able to be with you on time. This means a 7 minute bike ride for our doctors. Postal codes 3511, 3512 and the new houses in the Central Station area are within that range.

Registration form

Please show your  ID card or passport to the assistant at the desk at your first visit.

Please fill out one registration form for each family member.

Personal details



First name*

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Maiden name

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General practitioner of your choice (Mr. van Veenen and Mr. van der Kraan are closed)

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Insurance details

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If not yet registered at a pharmacy than you need to register at one, alongside of your registration at our practice.

Previous General practitioner

Are there any other family members, registered at our practice living at this address?

Please let your previous general practitioner know that you have registered with us and contact them to ask to send us your medical file. If you have a medical file in another language please contact our assistants to discuss adding it to your medical file with us.