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We can advise you about nutrition, diet and a healthy lifestyle that fits you and your life and ensures that you reach your health goals. Voedings id stands for an individual approach and prefers to look at solutions together with you.

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Monday 8.00 – 18.00 uur
Wednesday 8.00 – 18.00 uur

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Voedings ID
Nicolaas Beetsstraat 2A
3511HE Utrecht

Phone: 06-34402486

Email: voedingsid@gcmariahoek.nl



Welcome at Voedings id, we are Jiske van der Meulen en Krista van Wolfswinkel. As dieticians we see a wide offer of health food and healthy lifestyle. Both online and in magazines and books many diets can be found like Dr. Atkins, Dr. Frank, paleo diet, Sonja Bakker, low carb or high protein diet. We can imagine that with all the choices available one might no longer see the wood for the trees or maybe could just use some support. What really works, and what is just fable? How do I really get rid of my complaints? How do I know that I get the nutrients I need on a daily basis?


There are many diseases and conditions that are related to nutrition. A dietician is trained to be able to answer all questions and complaints about nutrition and food. For instance: high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, food allergies, stomach and bowel complaints and COPD. Voedings id can also assist you during a pregnancy (wish), with children suffering from reflux, morning sickness or dietary advice for vegetarians. The advice also includes the behavioural changes that are often needed to achieve (lasting) improvement of health.

Voedings id advices the following groups of clients on a regular basis:

  • Children and adult that are overweight and want to lose weight
  • People with different kind of bowel problems
  • People that, because of illness, have lost a lot of weight (undernourishment) and want to get back or keep to their target weight
  • Mentally or physically challenged, low literate children and adults (also combined with autism spectrum disorders)

Jiske is an official Dot coach, she can coach you with the Happy Weight Dot Plan. With this diet you can eat anything, you decide what you eat. The dot coach only indicates how healthy (green dot) or less healthy (orange dot) your choice is. The amount of dots indicates if you eat too much or not enough. During the first consultation we meet face to face. Following consultations and questions can, if desired, take place online with the digital version of the Dot Plan.


Krista van Wolfswinkel

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